We are Ziegler Companies.

With 110 years of experience, Ziegler is more than just an equipment dealer. While we have the capabilities of a never-ending tool shed, we’re also the most reliable business partner in the field and your right-hand source of wisdom.

Hailing from generations of experience, we’re driven by our mission to maximize uptime for our customers in the communities we serve. That’s how we ensure the success of our customers and the pursuit of getting the job done the right way, as it always has been.


Multiple divisions. One name. Zero limits.

Every customer is unique. And so are the divisions of services we offer. To meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we’ve expanded our capabilities into a range of divisions: Ziegler CAT, Ziegler Ag Equipment, Ziegler Rental, Ziegler Truck Group, Ziegler Power Systems, Ziegler Energy Solutions and SITECH.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to customer concerns. To cater to those ever-shifting needs, we’ve branched out into a range of diversified divisions. That way, we can give our customers just what they’re looking for, no matter what it is.

Ziegler CAT logo
Round the clock, just like you. Whatever the need, we have it covered. Demo, new build, planting, energy, tech — in short, the works.
With generations of industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and 24/7 service, we stop at nothing to ensure our customers’ success.
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Supplement your fleet with tools for every job at your disposal. From lifts and booms, trailers, trench boxes, and beyond, we’ve got what you need.
Find support at every stage of sustainable fuel fleet integration with flexible solutions and vehicles available for rent, lease, or purchase.
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Take charge of your energy transition. Whether it’s hybrid generation, storage, or electric vehicle charging, we’ve got you covered on every front.
SITECH® distributes Trimble solutions tech globally, offering comprehensive support with local service, installation, training and tech support.


Don’t just find a job – make a career.

With a breadth of careers available, there’s a spot for everyone at Ziegler. Take a look at not only what we have to offer, but what you have to offer Ziegler.

Two Ziegler employees conversing on corporate headquarters.
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Shop Ziegler.

Shirts, hats, accessories. We pride ourselves on quality work wherever our name might be, and that surely doesn’t stop with Ziegler-branded merchandise.

A point of pride: our partnerships.

We’re committed to working with people who are on the lookout to make an impact now and in the future. That’s why we partner with like-minded groups including community partners, leading manufacturers, and professional associations.